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A Guide to Healthy Smoothie Recipes

To ensure you take a healthy meal, you should ensure that there is enough fiber intake in your diet. A fiber-rich diet is critical for adequate digestion of the food. Fiber is any dietary element in your meal which is not digestible hence remains in the system to aid the digestion of other foods. There are numerous health advantages of eating foods rich in fibers; some include strengthening the heart, help with losing weight and even reducing inflammations. The following are some ways in which you can increase your fiber intake through smoothies.

Smoothies have been created since long ago, and the method of mashing several varieties of ingredients like liquids, fruits, vegetables, ice and seeds, and other ingredients remains the same. Smoothies can be very diverse because they can be customized to replace meals by manipulating the elements. Smoothies with the proper nutrients and proteins can substitute a day meal while desert could be replaced by a healthy sweetened smoothie. By combining foods with a lot of fiber to your smoothie, you make the high fiber smoothie.

You can increase your fiber intake by adding ingredients which have a lot of fiber such as seeds and fruits in your smoothie. There are a lot of options in the ingredients which can be used to make smoothies which are high in fiber. Some of the commonly used fruits like strawberries and raspberries already have fiber. The limit for the best fiber-rich smoothie is your imagination. Some famous fiber-rich smoothies and their benefits are discussed below.

My first recommendation which you should try out is the Pistachio Cream Pie Smoothie. The ingredients include pitted avocado, banana, vanilla almond milk, ice, Russian kale, spirulina, and pistachios. As you may know, there is no specific order for making a smoothie because all you have to do is mix and grind them all. The pistachios in the smoothie add a very high concentration of fiber, and the avocado also plays a part in the fiber content. Apart from fiber, the fat from the avocado is vital for skin health. This smoothie is very creamy as a result of the avocado and the vanilla almond milk.

From personal experience, some people have high recommendation for the Vegan Beaming Banana Berry Detox Smoothie. The ingredients include coconut water, strawberries, raspberries, dates, lemon juice, ripe banana, ginger, cinnamon, chia seeds, blueberries, ginger, and almond butter. The main ingredients which provide fiber to the smoothie are raspberries, strawberries, and chia seeds. The health benefits of the strawberries cannot be overlooked which makes the smoothies more recommendable to persons with diabetes. There are more recipes which you can try out in this website to keep your creative juices running.

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